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Security Sector Governance

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Security Sector Governance

Security Sector Governance (SSG) is based on the idea that the security sector should be held to the same high standards (i.e. accountability, transparency, rule of law, effectiveness and so on) of public service delivery as other public sector service providers. The security sector is composed of all the structures, institutions and personnel responsible for security provision, management and oversight at national and local levels. This include 1) security providers (such as the armed forces, police, border guards, intelligence services, penal and corrections institutions and commercial/non-state security actors, among others); and 2) security management and oversight bodies (such as government ministries, parliament, special statutory oversight institutions, parts of the justice sector and civil society actors with a stake in high standards of public security provision, including women’s organizations and the media, among others). A good SSG depends on a legal framework as well as government security policies and strategies that clearly allocate responsibility for security provision, management and oversight.